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How can living trusts be used in trust planning?

When you are planning for what will happen to your estate when you pass away, you likely want to make things as easy as possible for your loved ones. There are several options to make this happen. One of the options that California residents might like to explore is living trusts, which allow you to turn property over to loved ones as soon as you pass away instead of going through probate.

New show examines celebrity legacies in California and elsewhere

A new show is going to take a look at the legacies that certain celebrities left behind when they died. One of the first to be considered is James Gandolfini, an actor who passed away back in 2013. His death was very sudden, and there is a lot that people in California can learn from his estate plan.

Sting says no trust planning for him, he's spending all the money

By now, readers of this blog are well aware of the benefits of estate planning. Despite those benefits, some people choose to take an unusual stand on estate planning issues. When this happens, it can make for an interesting look into the way some people view their assets. Sting, the famed musician, has recently announced an unconventional method for handling his estate.

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