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What are some types of elder abuse?

If you have an elderly loved one who lives alone, with others or in a facility, it's natural to be worried about their well-being. This is especially true if your family member or friend isn't able to communicate issues clearly due to physical or mental incapacity. In such situations, it's a good idea to know about common times of elder abuse and the symptoms of each.

Some self-care tips from the experts

In past blog posts, we've covered tips for planning for your own long-term care or for providing care or assistance to your loved ones. Often in all the planning and providing, we forget a critical step for own health: self-care. Here are some self-care tips from experts that can help you increase energy and take care of your own body and mind so you can live longer or take better care of someone else.

Setting lifetime goals now so you can live later

No matter where you are in life -- or what age you might be -- chances are you still have some goals. Whether those goals are to save up for retirement or to simply make it to your next Christmas, understanding how to break lifetime goals into smaller goals is a good step to achieving what you want to do. This is true for financial, social, home, career and educational goals, and it's also true when you're care planning.

4 types of long-term care to plan for

For many people, planning for long-term care simply means ensuring there is a way to pay for nursing home care if you ever need it. Nursing home care isn't the only type of long-term care you might need as you age, and it's a good idea to understand all the options for care so you can plan accordingly. Here are four options you and your family might consider in addition to or as a replacement for nursing home care.

What is hospice?

The discussion about care planning -- no matter how far away those eventualities might seem -- can be disconcerting. No one wants to sit and enjoy long conversations about the possibility of being ill or how they want to die. If you don't have these discussions with someone now, though, then the hour of need might be upon you and you won't be able to let someone know what your wishes are. That's one of the biggest values of working with an elder law professional on your estate and care planning in California.

Taking time to help elderly loved ones in August

August 21 is National Senior Citizens Day, and numerous organizations across the country take that day and the week surrounding it to promote awareness of older individuals. Awareness campaigns might concentrate on the contributions of senior citizens to their communities or ways that others can assist elderly friends and relatives. We think August is a great time to reach out and let older individuals in your life know you care.

Helping you plan for a long-term lifestyle

Retirement can be both exciting and frightening. Many people suddenly move into situations where they are much more limited in earning capacity or income, and some individuals worry about health concerns as they age. In other situations, older individuals consider moving in with younger relatives or finding a lifestyle in an assisted living environment.

Caregivers face a unique set of obstacles

Caregivers who are providing for elderly relatives often face obstacles that other individuals their age aren't dealing with. While adult friends discuss upcoming retirement, children's behavior or vacation plans, caregivers might be wondering how long they can be out of the home without causing a safety risk or if they can afford the home modifications required for appropriate care of their loved one.

Helping older relatives avoid or deal with scams

Con artists and scammers are always seeking ways to bilk unsuspecting people of their money, and they use any tool they have at their disposal. Because scammers often prey on groups they feel will be vulnerable, older individuals are a common target. The elderly are hit with scams in person, on the phone and via the internet. If you are a caregiver for an older relative, then protecting them from scams is obviously important.

Don't face stressful elder care situations alone

Caring for an elderly parent can be both a blessing and a point of severe stress for adult children and their families. Having your older parent live nearby or even with you offers a chance at a unique relationship at a time in his or her life when he or she is sometimes hungry for continued contact with loved ones, especially grandchildren. Those relationships are often the foundation for lasting memories for grandchildren, which is another reason many families want to care for older generations.

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