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March 2017 Archives

What should an executor do about a willed home?

One of the most valuable assets many people own is their home. Not only is it likely one of the more valuable assets with regard to money, it's also something that has sentimental value to many. Heirs might have grown up in the home or remember fond occasions spent there, so it's not surprising that the family house is often at the heart of probate disputes. For an executor, there are numerous ways to misstep when dealing with a family home that has been willed to multiple people. Here are some tips for keeping ahead of the conflict.

Millennials: Estate planning is good financial management

Despite what many people might believe, millennials as a whole are typically fairly responsible with finances. Many of them grew up in years of recession and came of age as their parents struggled with student loan debt related to schooling that occurred years -- if not decades -- before. Seeing such impact first hand during formative years, millennials often think of money and success in very different ways than the generations before them.

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