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December 2016 Archives

Setting lifetime goals now so you can live later

No matter where you are in life -- or what age you might be -- chances are you still have some goals. Whether those goals are to save up for retirement or to simply make it to your next Christmas, understanding how to break lifetime goals into smaller goals is a good step to achieving what you want to do. This is true for financial, social, home, career and educational goals, and it's also true when you're care planning.

Protect your estate tax exemption as you give this holiday season

In certain situations, gift-giving and estate taxes can be related. We've previously discussed that you don't have to worry about the hefty federal estate tax as long as your estate is worth less than the threshold amount when you pass away. As of 2016, that amount was $5.45 million.

Don't make these 3 estate planning mistakes

We talk a lot about how not planning for end-of-life is one of the biggest and most common errors people make with regard to estates, but even if you jump into estate planning now, you could make a common mistake that causes extra cost or stress later. Here's a look at three common errors to avoid as you plan.

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