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Comprehensive protection of your assets in late life

As you age, your assets can become a foundation for your entire life. The savings you worked hard to accumulate, your access to certain benefits and pension payments and your home are just some of the things that might help you live independently and comfortably in your later years. These assets might also be leveraged should you require special medical care during retirement.

Because these assets are so important to your stability and independence, it's important to protect them. Obviously, that means safeguarding yourself against the growing number of scams that have become prevalent today, but it also means taking legal steps to protect yourself. One of those steps might include setting up a trust.

A trust lets you move assets into a format that is legally protected against some creditors. It also lets you set up access to funds or proceeds related to the assets that can continue even when you might not be able to make all the decisions regarding those assets yourself. If you want to protect your assets with legal vehicles such as trusts, it can be a good idea to work with a legal professional who has experience in elder and estate law.

Our firm works with you to understand your situation and provide you with information about a range of options likely to best meet your goals and needs. Trusts and other asset protection tools can be complicated, and a simple mistake can actually put your assets in danger rather than protect them. Our firm helps you avoid those mistakes so you can put your assets to work and get the best possible value out of them through the end of your life.

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