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September 2016 Archives

What is hospice?

The discussion about care planning -- no matter how far away those eventualities might seem -- can be disconcerting. No one wants to sit and enjoy long conversations about the possibility of being ill or how they want to die. If you don't have these discussions with someone now, though, then the hour of need might be upon you and you won't be able to let someone know what your wishes are. That's one of the biggest values of working with an elder law professional on your estate and care planning in California.

Have you considered all the angles for power of attorney?

With people living longer statistically — and that trend only expected to continue as medical science makes new discoveries daily — estate considerations regarding later years are becoming more important. While it's certainly critical to consider wills and other after-life estate measures, you might also want to seriously consider documents such as power of attorney forms.

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