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What documents does your estate plan require?

A lot of articles exist that will tell you what, exactly, someone thinks should be in your estate plan. This isn't one of those articles, because the truth is that your estate plan isn't like anyone else's. You have unique needs and questions, and what works for someone else won't necessary work for you and your heirs. That being said, we do recommend that everyone have an estate plan, and this post highlights some of the common documents that you might want to talk to an estate lawyer about.

Ed Sheeren involved in lawsuit with musical heirs

Marvin Gaye's heirs aren't newbies to protecting what they perceive to be their interests in the iconic musician's legacy. They've previously successfully sued songwriters and artists Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke. In the past lawsuit, they claimed the duo ripped off part of one of Marvin Gaye's songs to create a new song. The heirs are now suing singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran for the same reason.

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