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July 2016 Archives

Taking time to help elderly loved ones in August

August 21 is National Senior Citizens Day, and numerous organizations across the country take that day and the week surrounding it to promote awareness of older individuals. Awareness campaigns might concentrate on the contributions of senior citizens to their communities or ways that others can assist elderly friends and relatives. We think August is a great time to reach out and let older individuals in your life know you care.

Do you need whole life insurance?

When we talk about estate planning, most people probably default to thoughts of wills or trusts. However, life insurance can be an important consideration for estate planning, especially if you haven't yet built up wealth or you know that your heirs will be left with obligations or needs requiring cash.

Helping you plan for a long-term lifestyle

Retirement can be both exciting and frightening. Many people suddenly move into situations where they are much more limited in earning capacity or income, and some individuals worry about health concerns as they age. In other situations, older individuals consider moving in with younger relatives or finding a lifestyle in an assisted living environment.

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