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September 2015 Archives

Wildfires blamed for a number of elder deaths

According to reports, half a dozen senior citizens perished in two of the most recent wildfires in California. Workers note that others could be found as clean up and rescue work continues after two major fires swept through and destroyed more than 1,000 homes. Reports indicate that many survivors barely made it to safety, which illustrates some frightening truths for aging populations and their families.

Can heirs and beneficiaries ever reject an inheritance?

Many heirs and beneficiaries consider inheritances a blessing from their loved one. It might surprise some people to know that not everyone accepts an inheritance. There are some instances in which rejecting the inheritance might be the best option.

Robin Williams' estate teaches important lessons

We have often discussed how important it is for estate plans to be concise. We have also discussed how important it is for people making estate plans to name trustees and estate administrators whom they trust. The battle over Robin Williams' estate is an example of how essential these aspects of estate planning really are.

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