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December 2014 Archives

California residents must protect their assets as they age

In our most recent post, we discussed how there are special considerations for inheriting a home. That post probably has some of our California readers wondering how they can protect their assets as they age. For some, the thought of their loved ones losing vast amounts of their inheritance doesn't set well with them. If you are one of those people who wants to leave behind as much as you can, learning about some of your asset protection options might make you feel better.

Probate administration considerations for homes in California

When people think about making an estate plan, they likely don't think about too much beyond just making sure their loved ones are named as beneficiaries or heirs for their assets. One of the biggest assets that many people leave behind is their home, but that home can come with some baggage. For California residents who are working on an estate plan and those who stand to inherit the home, they should know about some of the possible challenges of inheriting a home.

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