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Care planning is part of comprehensive estate plan

Planning for your long-term care is something that is a priority for many California residents. As we discussed last week, Senate Bill 1124 would have limited the right of the state to seize assets of people who had to use the long-term care coverage of Medi-Cal. That blog post might have some people in California wondering what they can do to prepare for a situation that might require them to use that coverage.

We know that you don't want to lose your assets just because you need more specialized care than what you can receive at home. One way that you can protect your assets is through care planning that takes the possible need of using Medi-Cal services into account while determining the legal methods you can use to keep your assets in your family.

We can help you to work through estate planning options that can help you to meet your goals. From making powers of attorney to creating advance healthcare directives, we can help you to decide what you need to do. We can even help you to find community resources that can help you. We can also help you to figure out what options you have for covering the cost of end-of-life care.

Having a comprehensive estate plan is one way that you can help to keep your assets protected while providing for your family after you are gone. Making the decisions that are necessary to do that can be difficult, but once they are made, you can rest assured that you have taken care of the necessary steps to protect what you have worked so hard to get.

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