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October 2014 Archives

How can I ensure my pets in California are cared for after I die?

When pets are a part of the family, taking care of them if something happens to you is probably one of the top priorities on your list. While it might be possible for some people to rely on family members, that isn't always possible. California residents have another option -- a pet trust.

Care planning is part of comprehensive estate plan

Planning for your long-term care is something that is a priority for many California residents. As we discussed last week, Senate Bill 1124 would have limited the right of the state to seize assets of people who had to use the long-term care coverage of Medi-Cal. That blog post might have some people in California wondering what they can do to prepare for a situation that might require them to use that coverage.

Vetoed bill targets low-income California Medi-Cal recipients

Care planning in California is something that all adults have to take seriously. This is especially true for low-income adults who are participating in or considering participating in Medi-Cal. Governor Jerry Brown has recently vetoed a measure that could have limited the seizure of assets from the estate of a person on Medi-Cal.

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