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Protecting Your Assets

You do not need to be extraordinarily wealthy to want to protect the wealth that you have. Whether your estate is worth millions or not, asset protection is an important part of services provided by Silicon Valley Elder Law, P.C. The majority of our clients are regular people who have worked hard to save their pennies. We help protect those hard-earned assets from unnecessary probate, litigation, tax consequences and attorney fees. We do this by creating asset-protecting trusts, well-constructed wills and other estate planning tools.

A Wide Range Of Asset Protection Services

Founding attorney Naomi S. Comfort has exclusively focused on providing elder law services and estate planning guidance to clients in San Jose for 20 years. Our clients benefit from this experience, particularly as it relates to drafting and updating wills and trusts as well as guiding families through probate and/or estate administration. We can provide you with estate planning and disability law representation that will help you:

  • Get the most out of your money: We can help you transfer your assets without the costly overhead associated with unnecessary tax consequences and the costs of probate litigation.
  • Retain control: We help you transfer your assets in a way that gives you the most control over who receives them, such as prioritizing the care of spouse. The outcome is also important to consider: Sometimes beneficiaries are best served if there are some stipulations in place (such as paying for education or an age requirement) through a trust so assets are not improperly utilized.
  • Maintain access to public assistance programs: We can help you utilize the systems in place so that you can qualify for public assistance or government benefits while protecting your nest egg.
  • Get assistance with administration: Sometimes the beneficiaries are unwilling or unable to properly manage a trust. We have the necessary skills to ensure that all the arrangements in your estate plan are honored.

An Efficient And Caring Environment For Your Legal Services

We understand that asset protection, estate planning and disability law can be tremendously stressful for individuals facing important decisions during times of transition. At Silicon Valley Elder Law, P.C., we make every effort to maintain our clients' dignity and to create a casual caring environment that helps our clients face these challenging issues.

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